Security Tools

The following are essential security tools that will help you to secure your systems and networks.

These open source security tools have been given the essential rating due to the fact that they are effective, well supported and easy to start getting value from.


Nmap your network and ports with the number one port scanning tool. Nmap now features powerful NSE scripts that can detect vulnerabilities, misconfiguration and security related information around network services.

Vulnerability Scanner

Open source vulnerability scanning suite that grew from a fork of the Nessus engine when it went commercial. Manage all aspects of a security vulnerability management system from web based dashboards.


This tool will help you diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation. You can verify the SSL certificate on your web server to make sure it is correctly installed, valid, trusted and doesn't give any errors to any of your users.


host based intrusion detection system or HIDS, easy to setup and configure. This tool has far reaching benefits for both security and operations staff.

Network Monitor

a network security monitoring distribution that can replace expensive commercial grey boxes with blinking lights. This tool is easy to setup and configure. With minimal effort you will start to detect security related events on your network.

Security Framework

Test all aspects of your security with an offensive focus. Primarily a penetration testing tool, This tool has modules that not only include exploits but also scanning and auditing.