Meet the quantum blockchain that works like a time machine

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-24 10:59:57 Source: techcrunch

A new – and theoretical – system for blockchain -based data storage could ensure that hackers will not be able to crack cryptocurrencies once we all enter the quantum era. The idea, proposed by researchers at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, would secure our crypto futures for decades to coming using a […]

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Bag Week is coming and we need your recommendations

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-24 08:44:58 Source: techcrunch

Every year your faithful friends at TechCrunch spend an entire week looking at bags. Why? Because bags – often ignored but full of our important electronics – are the outward representations of our techie styles and we put far too little thought into where we keep our most prized possessions. To that end we need […]

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Apple is offering free battery replacement for some MacBook Pro units

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-23 12:15:01 Source: techcrunch

Apple is offering free battery replacements for some 13-inch MacBook Pro (without Touch Bar) laptops that may have a faulty component. The company announced recently that a limited number of these devices have a component that may fail, which would case the original built-in battery to expand. While Apple says this isn’t a safety issue, […]

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This robot can build your Ikea furniture

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-20 09:29:58 Source: techcrunch

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who hate building Ikea furniture and madmen. Now, thanks to Ikeabot, the madmen can be replaced. Ikeabot is a project built at Control Robotics Intelligence (CRI) group at NTU in Singapore. The team began by teaching robots to insert pins and manipulate Ikea parts and […]

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Technique to beam HD video with 99 percent less power could sharpen the eyes of smart homes

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-19 19:30:00 Source: techcrunch

Everyone seems to be insisting on installing cameras all over their homes these days, which seems incongruous with the privacy crisis — but that's a post for another time. Today, we're talking about enabling those cameras to send high-definition video signals wirelessly without killing their little batteries. A new technique makes beaming video out more than 99 percent more efficient, possibly making batteries unnecessary altogether.

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SNK may be making a mini-console stuffed with arcade classics

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-19 15:00:01 Source: techcrunch

If you've worked through the amazing selection of games provided by the NES and SNES Classic Editions, you may be in luck: SNK, the legendary arcade game creator behind the likes of Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown, is teasing what looks like its own tiny arcade cabinet.

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Jaquet Droz is shipping its mechanical signing machine

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-19 11:15:01 Source: techcrunch

Watchmaker Jaquet Droz announced its Signing Machine – a mechanical device that will sign your name for you using a series of miniature gears and springs – in 2014. Four years later, the company is ready to ship their miraculous contraction just in time for you to ink the deal you’ve made with Cybereus, lord […]

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Watch SpaceX launch NASA’s new planet-hunting satellite here

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-18 18:30:00 Source: techcrunch

It's almost time for SpaceX to launch NASA's TESS, a space telescope that will search for exoplants more across nearly the entire night sky. The launch has been delayed more than once already: originally scheduled for March 20, it slipped to April 16 (Monday), then some minor issues pushed it to today — at 3:51 PM Pacific time, to be precise.

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GoPro launches TradeUp program to swap old cameras for discounts

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-18 14:45:01 Source: techcrunch

GoPro is willing to take that old digital camera stuffed in your junk drawer even if it’s not a GoPro. Through a program called TradeUp, the camera company will discount the GoPro H6 Black $50 and Fusion $100 when buyers trade-in any digital camera. The company tried this last year for 60 days, but as […]

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GoPro launches Trade-Up program to swap old cameras for discounts

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-18 13:15:00 Source: techcrunch

GoPro is willing to take that old digital camera stuffed in your junk drawer even if it’s a GoPro. Through a program called Trade-Up, the camera company will discount the GoPro H6 Black $50 and Fusion $100 when buyers trade in any digital camera. The company tried this last year for 60 days, but as […]

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StudioBricks is a Barcelona-based startup that sends you a studio in a box

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-18 08:59:58 Source: techcrunch

My friend Rick is a voiceover artist and works in Ohio – right along the flight path for jets taking off and landing at the Columbus airport. As a result, he said, he had to record late at night when the airport closed, a limitation that he found exasperating. Enter StudioBricks, a cool startup from […]

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Watch SpaceX launch NASA’s latest exoplanet-hunting satellite

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-16 12:00:02 Source: techcrunch

SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 rocket today during a 30 second window at 6:32pm EDT. Onboard is NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) designed to find exoplanets. SpaceX said this morning there’s an 80 percent chance of launching today. Following the launch, SpaceX will attempt to recover the Falcon 9 rocket and […]

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Tesla updates user interface, web browser in older Model S and Model X vehicles

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-16 11:30:01 Source: techcrunch

A new update is bringing an improved user interface to older Tesla vehicles. According to this report citing forum users, the v8.1 (2018.12) update improves the speed and capability in Model S and Model X vehicles equipped with an Nvidia Tegra 3-powered MCU. This was expected; Musk stated in late December 2017 that Tesla was […]

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Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX idea involves a party balloon and bounce house

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-16 10:29:57 Source: techcrunch

Elon Musk took to Twitter Sunday night to announce a new recovery method for an upper stage SpaceX rocket. A balloon — a “giant party balloon” to quote him directly — will ferry part of a rocket to a bounce house. Seriously. If anyone else proposed this idea they would be ignored, but Elon Musk […]

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Sega to release Mega Drive Mini this year

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-16 10:14:58 Source: techcrunch

Just like Nintendo before it, Sega is releasing a mini version of its iconic Mega Drive game system. The system is supposed to be available sometime in 2018 and the company also announced at least 15 classic Sega games will hit the Switch this summer to celebrate the system’s 30th anniversary. Sega turned to AtGames […]

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The Skagen Falster is a high fashion Android wearable

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-16 05:59:58 Source: techcrunch

Skagen is a well-know maker of thin and uniquely Danish watches. Founded in 1989, the company is now part of the Fossil group and, as such, has begin dabbling in both the analog with the Hagen and now Android Wear with the Falster. The Falster is unique in that it stuffs all of the power […]

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The Roadie 2 tuner ups your guitar game

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-13 15:00:01 Source: techcrunch

The first Roadie tuner was a modern marvel. An automatic guitar tuning system, the little device connected to your phone to listen to your guitar strings and then set them to the proper tuning using an internal motor. The new model, the $129 Roadie 2, is even cooler. I’ve been using the Roadie 2 for […]

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Arcade fame turns to infamy as Billy Mitchell’s record-setting Donkey Kong score is invalidated

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-12 15:15:01 Source: techcrunch

The record-setting score that settled the Donkey Kong arcade rivalry, made famous by the documentary The King of Kong, has been invalidated by Twin Galaxies, the de facto arbiter of arcade world records. What's more, Billy Mitchell, the occasionally controversial player who set the scores, has been permanently banned from consideration for future records.

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Covering “Virtual Insanity” in virtual reality

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-12 08:59:58 Source: techcrunch

A musician from Raleigh, North Carolina named Chase Holfelder, recorded a cover of Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity,” a stonerific acid jazz anthem that should be familiar to ’90s kids. This version, however, is recorded entirely inside a virtual reality rig with the help of the HTC Vive and VRScout. Holfelder used the SoundScape VR project to […]

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DroneShield is keeping hostile UAVs away from NASCAR events

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-04-11 20:44:59 Source: techcrunch

If you were hoping to get some sweet drone footage of a NASCAR race in progress, you may find your quadcopter grounded unceremoniously by a mysterious force: DroneShield is bringing its anti-drone tech to NASCAR events at the Texas Motor Speedway.

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