Essential Phone’s new ‘Halo Gray’ color goes on sale exclusively at Amazon

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-16 12:15:01 Source: techcrunch

 The Essential Phone is currently in the midst of being rolled out in a range of new colors, including three that will be released excessively on Essential’s own website, with a staged release schedule that began Thursday. On Friday, however, Essential revealed a surprise fourth new color, “Halo Gray,” which will be exclusive to Amazon and which is now available to…

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Essential Phone arriving in three new limited edition colors

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-15 13:00:01 Source: techcrunch

 The Essential Phone, still among the best deals you can find in smartphones today, is now set to be available in three new colors, including “Ocean Depths,” “Copper Black” and “Stellar Gray.” These include two previously announced colours, the aquamarine-ish Ocean Depths and the dark matte “Stellar Gray,” but also the surprising third options,…

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Fujifilm’s X-H1 camera adds top video chops to X Series still shooting prowess

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-15 00:14:59 Source: techcrunch

 Fujifilm’s mirrorless lineup of X Series cameras has an excellent reputation, especially thanks to their ability to produce great-looking images comparable to full-frame competitors from crop sensors due to their unique image processing. Among still photographers, the X-Pro 2 and X-T2 especially have earned top marks and even replaced the standard Canon and Nikon gear of more than a…

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Orbi Outdoor Satellite adds Wi-Fi coverage to your back yard

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-14 18:30:00 Source: techcrunch

 I’m a big fan of the Netgear Orbi line of mesh access points and now there’s more to love. Netgear is now shipping the RBS50Y, a new satellite that is weatherproof and allows you to add coverage to your back yard or garage without worrying that your access point will short out in the rain. The new device requires an Orbi Router – the RBR50, RBR40, RBR20 or SRR60,…

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Very famous VC Bill Gurley says startup boardrooms are now just filled with *clapping hand noise*

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-14 17:15:00 Source: techcrunch

 Fresh off a public spat between Uber investor Benchmark Capital and former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Benchmark general partner Bill Gurley took the stage in front of a large room of bankerfolk at the Goldman Sachs Internet and Technology Conference to talk about how startup boardrooms are now filled with a lot of cheerleaders that aren’t holding founders accountable. “There’s…

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MIT teaches drones to fly with uncertainty

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-14 15:45:00 Source: techcrunch

 MIT researchers are working on a new steering system for drones that uses uncertainty to ensure that they don’t hit obstacles as they fly autonomously. The system is a bit complex but it’s called NanoMap and it quite simply finds ways to get from point A to point B without crashing and while handling random objects in its path. Spectrum describes the system in detail but basically…

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August’s Smart Locks proved to be the key to my smarthome puzzle

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-14 09:14:58 Source: techcrunch

 When smart home tech first started coming out, I was hopeful, but also skeptical. It seemed overly complicated, with too many hoops to jump through and a relative inability to meld old and new for situations like rental apartments and older homes. Now, though, the range and breadth of smart home tech means you can find something to suit just about every need, and I find my entire house is…

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Particle announces the Mesh board, an easy way to make your DIY talk to itself

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-13 16:15:00 Source: techcrunch

 Particle – which used to be called Spark – has released the third generation of their tiny, networked computing boards. Their new product, called Mesh, allows you to connect wither to a Wi-Fi or cellular network but also allows you to create a mesh network between multiple Mesh devices. This lets you create a mesh network similar to popular IoT devices from Nest and Netgear. The…

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PicoBrew announces a modular and scalable professional brewing appliance

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-13 09:14:58 Source: techcrunch

 PicoBrew today announced a new product in its growing line of brewing appliances. Called the Z Series, this product targets serious brewers with a scalable design that allows for greater precision in repeatable larger batch sizes. And with the largest model, the Z4, the owner ends up with a stack of slick brewing appliances that reinforces the thought we’re finally living in the future.…

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Here’s how to make The Boring Company’s flamethrower

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-13 08:59:58 Source: techcrunch

 Obligatory disclaimer: Don’t be dumb. What follows is a video showing high level instructions on how to build a nearly exact copy of The Boring Company’s flamethrower. Basically, gut this $125 Airsoft gun and insert a propane torch. The total bill of goods should be under $200, well under the $500 The Boring Company was charging until it sold out of the 20k units. As many pointed…

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Apple and Android are destroying the Swiss Watch industry

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-13 08:44:57 Source: techcrunch

 In Q4 2017 – essentially during the last holiday season – market research firm Canalys found that more people bought Apple watches than Swiss watches. Two million more, to be exact. Brian Heater has more data but this news is quite problematic for the folks eating Coquilles St-Jacques on the slopes of the Jura mountains. The numbers are estimates based on market data but they…

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Apple could be rethinking its release cycle for iOS and macOS

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-12 14:30:00 Source: techcrunch

 According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is switching things up for this year’s major updates. Instead of meeting a tight deadline and ticking all the boxes on the checklist, development teams will be able to push back some features if they’re not polished enough. Axios and Bloomberg previously reported that Apple was focusing on stability with iOS 12. You can still expect…

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Cybex starts selling its $330, app-enabled car seat made for safety geeks

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-12 10:59:57 Source: techcrunch

 Normally, I wouldn’t be writing about a car seat for for TechCrunch but as I’ve been in the market for such an item lately (and have been hit up for all things baby tech as my due date nears) the high-tech Cybex Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 stood out. Cybex is manufactured in Germany and is a mostly European brand that’s gaining momentum in the U.S. market. Its newest carseat…

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Amazon reportedly paid around $90 million for security camera maker Blink

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-12 10:44:57 Source: techcrunch

 Amazon acquired Blink late last year, a maker of affordable, easy to use security cameras powered by AA batteries. The acquisition was reportedly worth around $90 million to Amazon, according to a new report from Reuters, though the terms of the deal were not disclosed by Amazon and it hasn’t provided any comment on the specifics. The Blink acquisition is something that could help…

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Traeger’s wi-fi connected grill is delicious overkill

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-12 09:14:57 Source: techcrunch

 As a fan of both meat and fire, the Traeger Timberline 850 hits right in my rib zone. This powerful – and expensive – smoking grill is more like an outdoor oven than the chintzy charcoal or gas grill you’ve been using and the unique pellet system adds flavor, sear, and smoke to your hearty cuts of whatever. Traeger has been around for years, starting out in the Northwest as…

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Azio’s Retro Classic typewriter-inspired Bluetooth keyboard is a luxurious treat

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-09 15:45:00 Source: techcrunch

 Maybe you’re sitting at a MacBook or other modern PC right now, typing away in near silence on a keyboard that provides no real satisfying response to your human fingers. Maybe, once in the distant past, you remember when keyboards offered something in return: A “click clack” that stood as an auditory proof of productivity. If you miss that and want it back, the new Azio…

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SpaceX aims to make history 3 more times in 2018

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-09 14:45:01 Source: techcrunch

 Tuesday’s Falcon Heavy launch made history, not only becoming the highest capacity rocket platform since the Saturn V but accomplishing the first double autonomous booster landing. And that’s just the start of what could prove to be an epic year for SpaceX — if Elon Musk’s ambitious timeline isn’t delayed, say by high winds.

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The LifeClock One will help you escape from mundanity

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-09 11:45:01 Source: techcrunch

 Whether you’re trapped on a futuristic island prison full of blood-thirsty gang members or simply stuck in a two-hour meeting, the LifeClock One might be the watch for you. Inspired by the movie Escape From New York starring Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, the watch is an homage to Plissken’s wrist-worn LifeClock, a device that would trigger the an injection of micro-explosives in…

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PAX Labs brings on Bharat Vasan as new CEO

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-08 10:14:57 Source: techcrunch

 PAX Labs has a new CEO. The company, which makes loose-leaf vaporizers, has brought on Bharat Vasan as Chief Executive Officer. Vasan has spent the last 15 years in consumer hardware, serving as the President and COO of August Home, which was acquired by Swedish lock maker Assa Abloy in 2017. Before August, Vasan was the cofounder of Basis (a fitness-based wearable company), which was acquired…

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Play SNES classics in the HD resolution of memory with the Super Nt

Gadgets - Posted On:2018-02-07 11:15:01 Source: techcrunch

 When it comes to the art and science of retro gaming, Analogue has no equal. The small company that first brought us the Analogue Nt, then the Nt mini, is back again with the Super Nt – a lovingly engineered and built modern SNES/Super Famicom console. Wait but what? A ‘modern SNES’? What does that entail? If you know Analogue’s past work, you know it essentially…

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