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The keyboards of TechCrunch’s editorial staff

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-03-01 14:30:01 Source: techcrunch

Few things are more personal than a keyboard and yet they are often overlooked by Work From Home guides. Why use the standard issue keyboard when there are so many options available? This is a sampling of some of the keyboards used by TechCrunch’s editorial staff. Some are boring, some are for different languages, and each […]

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Tonal triples its physical stores with Nordstrom partnership

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-03-01 14:30:01 Source: techcrunch

Tonal, maker of the smart home fitness trainer, announced it is more than tripling the number of physical locations it sells devices in through a new partnership with Nordstrom. Starting this month, Tonal will have 50-square-foot stations in the women’s activewear departments of at least 40 Nordstrom locations across the U.S., bringing the total number […]

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Orca wants to give boating navigation its ‘iPhone moment’

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-02-25 15:15:01 Source: techcrunch

Boating is a hobby steeped in history and tradition — and so is the industry and those that support it. With worldwide connectivity, electric boats, and other technological changes dragging the sector out of old habits, Orca aims to replace the outdated interfaces by which people navigate with a hardware-software combo as slick as any […]

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Rode’s Wireless Go II delivers key upgrades to the best mobile mic for creators

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-02-23 10:14:57 Source: techcrunch

Rode Microphones has a new and improved version of its much-loved Go portable mic, the Wireless Go II, which uses the same form factor as the original but adds a list of new and improved features. Most notably, the Go II offers two transmitter packs that can simultaneously talk to a single receiver, letting you […]

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Hasselblad X1D II 50C: out of the studio and into the streets

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-02-08 12:00:01 Source: techcrunch

We crawled into an abandoned school bus, trespassed through dilapidated hallways, dodged fleeting thunderstorms, and wandered the empty streets of Chinatown late into the evening. For two summery weeks, I couldn’t have been happier. New York City was in lockdown. I’d been quarantined in my dinky apartment, disheartened and restless. I was anxious to do […]

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Huawei’s struggles hurt overall smartphone shipments in China, but rivals like Apple found new opportunities

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-29 00:30:00 Source: techcrunch

The impact of United States government sanctions on Huawei is continuing to hurt the company and dampen overall smartphone shipments in China, where it is largest smartphone vendor, according to a new report by Canalys. But Huawei’s decline also opens new opportunities for its main rivals, including Apple. Canalys says Apple’s performance in China during […]

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Sony tempts professionals with the top-shelf, top-tier Alpha 1

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-26 15:45:01 Source: techcrunch

Sony is making a play for the top end of the professional digital camera world, where videographers and sports photographers demand immaculate image quality at high resolutions in short order. The new Alpha 1 beats pretty much everything on the market on paper, but it’ll set you back a cool $6,500. This is, of course, […]

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Sony’s tempts professionals with the top-shelf, top-tier Alpha 1

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-26 15:00:00 Source: techcrunch

Sony is making a play for the top end of the professional digital camera world, where videographers and sports photographers demand immaculate image quality at high resolutions in short order. The new Alpha 1 beats pretty much everything on the market on paper, but it’ll set you back a cool $6,500. This is, of course, […]

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The Tula Mic is a powerful portable recorder that doubles as a great USB-C microphone

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-26 13:30:00 Source: techcrunch

Tula is a new company founded with the specific purpose of developing user-friendly hardware and software for sound capture, and its debut product, the Tula Mic, is now shipping after a successful crowdfunding campaign last year. Tula Mic is both a USB-C microphone input for computers and mobile devices, and also a dedicated recorder that […]

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Nomad’s charcoal grill suitcase is modern ingenuity combined with classic cooking

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-26 12:15:02 Source: techcrunch

Dallas-based Nomad set out to take an age-old cooking method and modernize it – but not by introducing connected or smart features. Instead, the Nomad Grill & Smoker takes classic charcoal grilling and relies on clever industrial design to make it packable and portable, while making sure cooks of all expertise levels can make great-tasting […]

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Treadly’s next-gen compact treadmill is ideal for small spaces and features app-based social workouts

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-26 10:14:58 Source: techcrunch

As the global pandemic continues, having options for keeping active at home is increasingly top-of-mind. Treadly is a startup focused on building a home treadmill that’s compact and convenient, with smart connected features that boost engagement. The company recently released its second-generation product, and it’s super compact, with hardware improvements that boost the weight limit […]

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Apple reportedly planning thinner and lighter MacBook Air with MagSafe charging

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-22 07:44:58 Source: techcrunch

Apple is said to be working on a new version of the MacBook Air with a brand new physical case design that’s both thinner and lighter than its current offering, which was updated with Apple’s M1 chip late last year, per a new Bloomberg report. The plan is to release it as early as late […]

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Apple said to be planning new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros with MagSafe and Apple processors

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-15 09:29:57 Source: techcrunch

Apple has planned new upgraded MacBook Pros for launch “later this year” according to a new report from Bloomberg. These new models would come in both 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, with new and improved Apple Silicon processors like those that Apple debuted on the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro model late last year. […]

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This new module keeps Philips Hue bulbs connected even when the wall switch gets flipped

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-14 18:45:00 Source: techcrunch

Philips Hue bulbs are pretty great, but they have a mortal enemy: the humble light switch. If you’ve got a Hue bulb tied to a standard light switch, flipping that switch means the Hue bulb loses power completely… along with any fancy tricks like controlling the bulb through your phone or a voice assistant. A […]

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Thimble teaches kids STEM skills with robotics kits combined with live Zoom classes

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-14 12:15:01 Source: techcrunch

Parents with kids stuck learning at home during the pandemic have had to look for alternative activities to promote the hands-on learning experiences kids are missing out on due to attending class virtually. The New York-based educational technology startup Thimble aims to help address this problem by offering a subscription service for STEM-based projects that […]

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Samsung unveils its newest Tile competitor, the Galaxy SmartTag

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-14 10:14:57 Source: techcrunch

Alongside its other announcements at Samsung’s event today, the company introduced its new Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth locator, a lost item beacon for Samsung owners and a competitor with Tile. Like Tile and Apple’s forthcoming AirTags, the beacon can be attached to keys, a bag, a pet’s collar or anything else you want to track. Initially, […]

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Origami Labs’ OFLO is a smart walkie talkie for frontline workers

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-14 04:44:58 Source: techcrunch

OFLO is a voice communication system designed to replace traditional walkie talkies. Its hardware is more compact and lightweight, with a bone conduction headset, and capable of covering unlimited distances and multiple channels. Created by Origami Labs, OFLO is also connected to software that features auto logging and productivity tools for teams who don’t have […]

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Winnoz’s vacuum-assisted Haiim makes finger prick blood draws more efficient

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-13 13:00:01 Source: techcrunch

Winnoz’s Haiim is designed to make collecting blood from fingertips easier, increasing the volume drawn so it can be used for more types of tests. The New Taipei City, Taiwan-based company’s vacuum-assisted device can collect up to 150 to 500 microliters of blood from a finger prick, depending on the person, in about two minutes. […]

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GoPro makes stopping and starting simpler with motion, power, QR triggers

Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-13 12:15:01 Source: techcrunch

GoPro may have started out at the intersection of capability and affordability in the action cam space, but since then it has increasingly leaned towards use by professionals or deployment by businesses. The latest features, announced at CES, underline that priority, making the cameras simpler and more automated for rentals and hands-free operation. If you’ve […]

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Gadgets - Posted On:2021-01-13 12:00:01 Source: techcrunch

In October, TechCrunch broke the news that PopSockets was developing its own line of MagSafe-compatible products that will support the new wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 12 devices. Today, at the (virtual) 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, the company formally introduced its upcoming products for the first time. The new line will include three MagSafe-compatible […]

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